Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Rock Harbor is committed to giving and serving in missions all throughout the globe. 
Please join us as we pray for the following mission organizations in which we support.

Active Missionaries

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Katie Palma
Located in the Middle East

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Jamey & Gretchen Pappas
Located at Cal Poly, Cuesta, & Hancock Colleges

Empowering Lives International

Don and Amy Rogers

Harmony Outreach


Mission Endeavors

Rosmarino Family
Calvary Chapel Bacolod, Philippines

Servant Senders

Nolan & Marie Schockey
Juarez, Mexico

Village to Village

Kathleen Brown & RHCF
Ngorngoroi, Kenya

Youth with a Mission

James and Family
South East Asia

Youth with a Mission

Lexi Brogan
Tijuana, Mexico

Child Evangelism Fellowship/Good News Club

Darren Johnson
SLO Country 

Commission to Every Nation

Randy & Sandy Huebert
Ensenada, Mexico

Evangelical Free Church of America

Mark & Jennifer West

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Brad and Samantha Zimmer
SLO County

Frontiers USA

Janet Norem

Tree of Life Pregnancy Support Center

Pam Johnson
Central Coast

Aspire Network

Kirk Mackie


Grant Sahl

Updates and Prayer Requests from The Mission Field

Here's where we feature prayer items and video updates from the missionaries we support, to help you better understand their needs, challenges and victories.

June,  2023: Huebert Family,
El Refugio

Hear an update from Randy and Sandy Huebert from El Refugio in Ensenada, Mexico.

February , 2023: Dave Johnson, FCA

Hear an update from Dave Johnson from Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

May, 2023: Shockey Family, Servant Senders

Hear from Nolan and Marie Shockey from Servant Senders in Juarez, Mexico.

January , 2023: Pappas Family, CRU

Hear from Jamey and Gretchen Pappas from CRU in San Luis Obispo.

March, 2023: West Family, EV Free Church of America

Hear from Mark and Jennifer West from Evangelical Free Church of America in France.

January , 2023: Village to Village

Hear from our missionary partners in Ngorngoroi, Kenya.


Here all about our recent mission trip to Kenya Africa from the Fall of 2022. 

Encourage our active missionaries

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