God has given every believer certain spiritual gifts to be used to bring Him glory as individuals and, combined with other believers in the Body of Christ, to reach the world for Jesus. If you don't know what your gifts are, or you need some help clarifying what they are, Rock Harbor offers the Spiritual Gifts Test below.

This test doesn't guarantee what gifts you have, but it's a helpful tool for giving you an idea of how you are gifted. We encourage you to take the test, and then talk to other Christians to assist you in discovering your gifts. Try serving in different ministries to see what fits and how you can glorify God in your gifts. God may have given you gifts that you didn't think you could ever have! Or He may transform some of your known talents into spiritual gifts. He will provide gifts for you to accomplish every goal He has for your life.

At the end of the test, if you are prompted to enter an access code in order to submit it and see your results, please enter this code: